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Life Chart Reading - Purple Star Astrology

Purple Star Astrology is an ancient Chinese Divination art, previously only accessible to emperors.  Accurate Life Chart Reading, which gives you a comprehensive overview of your life, from career, wealth and love to health and children and more. With Purple Star Astrology, you can gain insight into your future and make informed decisions about your life.  

C$ 180


Purple Star Astrology - Annual Reading

Our Annual Purple Star Astrology service provides a comprehensive reading of your life chart over the course of 12 months. This detailed, in-depth reading is only available to customers who have had their life chart read and verified.  With our Annual Purple Star Astrology service, you will gain invaluable insights and clarity into your future, allowing you to make the best decisions moving forward.



Single Question Reading

Our Single Question Reading service is an accurate divination and fate readings that can provide insight into your future. Got a specific question about your career decisions, health outlook, love life, money, or dreams? We can help you get an answer. Before booking, please text us for instructions on how to record the timing of the question. Try this powerful and insightful reading today.


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